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Palmetto Lofts

The first multi-family residential development in Miami Springs approved in quite some time, this 12 unit apartment building harkens back to the streamline structures reminiscent of the art deco style promoted by the city' founder. This building also recalls the massing and arrangement of those buildings but now with all the modern amenities, sustainability features and the all important covered parking.


The unique feature of this complex is the raised courtyard that provides tenants with a social space to gather and share stories as an public extension to the their private units. Additionally, the developement is a standard bearer for infill residential housing with a modest increase in density that transition between a quiet single-family neighborhood to the north and the bustling commercial boulevard to the south facing the airport.



Miami Springs, Florida

12 Loft-type Apartments with Raised Common Courtyard and Covered Parking

Estimated Completion 2020

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