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19 Gatehouse Road

Located on the intercoastal of a private community on Sea Ranch, Florida, the owner requested a modest renovation for his newly purchased home. After several consultations and a site visit, it was apparent to all that the site was ready for an intervention worthy of its location, neighborhood and residents.

Sessions at the drawing board and consultations with our engineers produced a unique design for this cone-shaped lot at the corner of the neighborhood's main boulevard. Two masses, one existing and shaped by the lot, the other a new intervention dramatically interesting the old, creating a tropical courtyard and defining it entrance at he street. The rear portion of the existing house was remodeled to emphasize its relationship to the water and a roof terrace provide long views and a relaxing space to watch the sunset over the same.

Sea Ranch, Florida

6,500 Sq. Ft. Custom Home Remodel

Estimated Completion 2020

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